The ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Manufacturing (Steel Research Hub) hosted a 4 day workshop as part of a Certificate in Intra/Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UOW’s Sydney Business School from the 13th-16th August 2018.

It was attended by 18 of our very promising researchers, including those from the universities of Wollongong, Newcastle, RMIT, Monash and Queensland.

This innovative workshop was aimed at the training of future technology leaders, providing them with tools and approaches which stimulate an interest in skills to enable them to better lead technological change in Australia and become more influential, especially to those at more senior levels in industry.

The workshop was run by Dr Tillmann Böhme, a senior lecturer at the University of Wollongong, Faculty of Business and a chief investigator in the Steel Research Hub.  Bonnie Johnston was instrumental in organising the workshop.

The guest speaker for the event was Jillian Noad who is BlueScope’s Innovation Portfolio Manager. Jillian spoke about her career and experiences, as well as some of the tools she found useful in influencing senior management at BlueScope.  She also spoke about aspects of technology management.

Nathan Wright, George Tomka, Zahra Shahbazian, Alberto Escribano and Paul Zulli were involved in the workshop, which covered:

Day 1 – Developing and setting up successful teams

Day 2 – Mapping out ideas, developing the business case, exploring your customer’s needs

Day 3 – Financing your idea, commercialising your research

Day 4 – Project planning for success, understanding your stakeholders and pitching your idea

There will also be Day 5, where a team pitch will be delivered at a later date – most likely, the Steel Research Hub’s next Annual Symposium in February 2019.

The overall feedback from the attendees was overwhelming positive and we hope we can run something similar in the foreseeable future.

Dr Tillmann Bohme