Three PhD candidates from the Steel Research Hub and four BlueScope undergraduate cadets attended the Women in Manufacturing Leadership Summit held in Melbourne late February 2018. The PhD Candidates who attended from the Steel Research Hub were Ai Nguyen, Dan Yang and Brianna Knowles and the BlueScope Cadets were Sajneet Pooni, Kayla Murray, Lauren Smee and Ruby O’Driscoll. The theme for 2018 was “Breaking Barriers”.

The Summit began with a Pre-Summit Workshop, enabling participants an opportunity to:

– Network with and learn from established leaders

– Develop and define leadership qualities

– Position themselves for career advancement and formulate a plan to accelerate growth

The background to the leadership summit remains the shortage of female representation across executive-level leadership roles, particularly in manufacturing; hence, it has become critical to identify strategic ways to overcome some of the barriers to reaching career objectives.  The Summit was a good opportunity to develop essential leadership skills, define career pathways and create opportunities to unleash leadership potential.

I thoroughly enjoyed the summit and thought it was a wonderful experience for networking. It was great to hear the stories of successful women in manufacturing, discover how they became leaders in their respective fields and to learn from their experiences. The take home message was to trust your instincts, challenge yourself, and be authentic in your leadership.

Brianna Knowles, PhD Steel Research Hub

I was inspired by the stories and advice given by the successful ladies who are both the speakers and the audience in the summit. The summit also introduced good books and tips for practicing leadership skills. Also, I was very happy to meet new friends who are very friendly and kind within three days of the summit.

Ai Nguyen, PhD Steel Research Hub

The 3 days Summit cheered me up with all the inspiring stories from both the invited speakers and the attendees. The techniques we’ve learned about leadership were also quite useful. I really appreciate the opportunity offered by the Hub.

Dan Yang, PhD Steel Research Hub