Ukrainian born, Professor Rosenfeld is the general chair of MMND ITRO 2020 is IHMRI affiliate and founder and director of the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics at the University of Wollongong has brought together physicists from around the globe, to converge in Wollongong this week for the 2020 biennial international conference. The conference, Mini Micro Nano Dosimetry (MMND) and Innovative Technologies in Radiation Oncology (ITRO) will showcase technology and methodologies aimed at improving healthcare outcomes in modern radiotherapy and cancer treatment.


Topics discussed at MMND ITRO 2020 include, but are not limited to, emerging radiotherapy techniques, radiation dosimetry for quality assurance, radiobological optimization of treatment, radiomics (a term that describes the conversion of medical images into mine-able datasets) and machine learning (which relies on techniques and algorithms that enable computers to discover patterns in large datasets).

The MMND-ITRO conference runs from 10 to 16 February