The Shoalhaven Industry 4.0 Hub and the CRC-P Downer project welcomed new team members this month and they wanted to introduce themselves to the broader EIS community

Hello from Dang Nguyen

I am excited to return back to UOW, having completed a bachelor of Mechatronics/Science and having followed UOWs journey of robotic engineering from afar as an alumni. I look forward to bringing to UOW my skill set of cobot manufacturing within manufacturing lines in multinational industries. Working closely with Paul Di Pietro and Phil Commins as a research engineer, I hope to bring some of my experience into the Downer CRC-P and Industry 4.0 hub. I am excited to see how UOW continues to grow in the automation field, and how I can grow with them throughout 2021.

Hello from Tania Goodman

Having lived and worked in the Shoalhaven for over 20 years, I am thrilled to join the Facility for Intelligent Fabrication as the Business Development Manager and local point-of-contact for the Industry 4.0 Hub. My networks have been developed throughout my time in Finance, Disabilities and Job Active as well as in the Tertiary Sector as a Career Practitioner. Utilising my connections to link UOW, industry, schools and the community via the delivery of signature programs and initiatives; I look forward to working collaboratively with the team to position the Shoalhaven Industry 4.0 Hub as strategic to defence industry, advanced manufacturing and agribusiness.

Hello from Emily Yap

Coming down from the city of Sydney, I am excited to join the Industry 4.0 Hub and the Facility for Intelligent Fabrication as a Research Engineer in the Shoalhaven-Illawarra region. I completed my Bachelors and PhD in materials science and engineering at University of New South Wales. I bring to the team my experience in research and technology development within the areas of applied sciences and real-time monitoring systems from my time at CSIRO Mineral Resources. I look forward to enabling and enhancing the capabilities of Australians in the understanding and incorporation of the technologies Industry 4.0 has to offer for a brighter, smarter, and more sustainable Australia.

Both projects have external funding for staff hire.