Professor Timoteo Carletti leaves SMART next week after a month working on creating a synthetic populations of humans with his friend and collaborator, Johan Barthelemy.

“I’ve so enjoyed my time here, the people are so warm, it’s like one big family,” Professor Carletti said.
“I like the campus and the building – everything is so transparent, and working with Johan in the same office, side by side, has been so much easier than on opposite sides of the world.”

Professor Carletti presented a talk on his research at the University of Namur in Belgium, focusing on the process of patterns formation for reaction-diffusion systems anchored on networks composed of several layers.

One example of this might be transportation networks, where agents can use a number of modes such as flights, trains, cars or subways. And a possible application would be to study the spreading of an epidemic in a population whose members move using the above mentioned layered network.

Professor Carletti met Johan in Belgium after an academic career that started in Italy, moved to Paris and eventually came to Belgium, where he was made a full professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics in 2011.

He is the author of more than 100 publications in fields as varied as biology, celestial mechanics, chaos detection, complex networks, control of systems, dynamic systems, economics, particle accelerators and social dynamics.