Our academic team have published an article in the journal Knowledge-Based Systems about how the SMART Infrastructure Dashboard (SID), and data-tools like it, can be used to help develop integrated infrastructure solutions for regional towns and cities.

The article, by Rohan WickramasuriyaJun MaMatthew Berryman and Pascal Perez, says there is an urgent need for an integrated view on the provision and use of infrastructure services for better governance and productivity. It goes on to say that developing an integrated view is challenging due to the dispersion of relevant data sets and the underlying complexity of increasingly interconnected infrastructure networks.

The case study approach demonstrates how SID can be applied to test a range of ‘what if’ scenarios such as failure at certain electricity substations across five local government areas in the Illawarra region (Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Wingecarribee and Shoalhaven).

The full paper is available online.