A scholarship gave Tanya the opportunity to start the journey on her engineering career by studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) at UOW, graduating in 1996. Tanya says her scholarship instilled in her a responsibility to make a contribution to the industry through teaching and mentoring, as well as provide a motivation to become an effective leader.

Tanya is currently the Principal, UK Director and UK Office Director for Thornton Tomasetti, and a passionate supporter of gender diversity in engineering. Tanya is a structural engineer based in London, with experience working on a number of diverse and award-winning projects across Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia where she designs complex, fast-track structures.

In all her projects, Tanya has worked closely with design teams to develop structural solutions that achieve the architect’s design intent from the macro project concept to the smallest structural details. Her creative and innovative approach to design is highlighted by projects such as Basrah Sports City in Iraq, a large, fast-track project featuring a 65,000-seat stadium with a complex building envelope of pre-fabricated multi-directional curved elements. Other projects include the Windmill Hill Archive and Study Centre in Waddesdon, UK, a largely wood construction research institution with bespoke structural detailing that won several awards for design excellence in 2011. In the same year Tanya was appointed a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Teaching Fellow in the Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment (IDBE) masters course at the University of Cambridge.

Tanya’s extensive capabilities in structural engineering have earned her international peer respect, accolades and influential appointments. She is a founding member of the Equilibrium Network, which is a network of people of influence, both female and male, aiming to help the built environment industry through better gender diversity. The Equilibrium network is a multi-disciplinary group that includes architects, engineers, landscape architects, contractors, surveyors, policy makers, urbanists and academics. Tanya is currently exploring how engineers can extend their contributions at all levels of society while maintaining financial sustainability.