A team of UOW alumni are launching their skill sharing startup in Wollongong. Over the past five years, Shaun Bettridge, who completed a double degree in Computer Science and Law in 2012, worked in legal and technology industries, and most recently he has been employed as a forensic technologist with KPMG. Partnering with UOW Alumni Hans Maritz and close friend to both, Dev Banerjee, they created a social learning platform CourseCouch that allows people to earn a living while teaching others about their passion or learn unique new skills.

Already they have some talented people signed up and are ready to launch the next session where they will help people learn 3D printing, programming, languages, sports coaching, visual arts, business coaching and performance arts. Shaun says they’re always looking for anyone with a unique passion or skill that they want to share and they have had requests for people wanting to learn drone flying and electronics. Their platform allows you to post classes or people can even book sessions with you through your calendar; it’s all automated and built on top of a marketplace of people wanting to share their skills and those wanting to learn something new.