SMART Infrastructure Facility welcomed the Interoperability for Extreme Events Research Group (IEERG) on Wednesday, 13 March 2015.

This visit marked the beginning of collaborations between SMART’s GeoSocial Intelligence for Urban Resilience and Liveability (GI4URL) research group and the IEERG, based at the University of Sydney’s Business School.

According to GeoSocial Intelligence group head, and Director of SMART’s Co-Lab, Associate Professor Rodney Clarke, common interests include, “the analysis of social media and the management of multidisciplinary research projects in the emergency, interoperability and community resilience areas.”

During their visit, the five representatives from IEERG participated in a meeting of the GeoSocial Intelligence group, attended also by SMART’s Research Director, Professor Pascal Perez, and consulted with members of the facility’s research team about collaboration opportunities.

Image: Abdul Babar (UTS), Associate Professor Rodney Clarke (UOW BUS/SMART), Jim Rooney (USyd), Christian Ehnis (USyd), Professor Deborah Bunker (USyd), and Jan Wendland- Visiting Fellow, University of Munster, Germany. Image courtesy of Rodney Clarke.