On Wednesday 22nd August University of Wollongong (UOW) researchers showcased pioneering projects being undertaken at the ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Manufacturing at a Uni in the Brewery public talk at the Illawarra Brewing Company 83-85 Montague Street, North Wollongong.

Presented by The Southern Manufacturing Innovation Group, AdvantageSME and UOW’s Research & Innovation Division the UOW researchers presentations included Dr Emma Heffernan, Ms Dan Yang, and Dr Andrew Johnstone who delivered presentations on three different projects with the potential to deliver significant benefits to the Australian steel industry.

Cheaper, quicker, environmentally friendly mid-rise apartments
Dr Emma Heffernan covered a cutting-edge approach to framework for mid-rise buildings that delivers apartments that are not only cheaper and quicker to build, but are also more environmentally friendly.

Anti-fouling coating for steel surfaces
Dan Yang discussed new anti-microbial coatings for steel surfaces which could radically improve the resistance of BlueScope’s COLORBOND products to ‘fouling’ by fungal colonies, and thus offer a key durability benefit over competitor products.

Improving production process to reduce costs
Dr Andrew Johnstone highlighted how his team’s collaborative research on the jet-stripping process on the metallic coating line may provide new insights for manufacturing superior coated steel products, more cost-effectively.

The University of Wollongong and BlueScope have a long-standing history of partnership, which continues to this day through the Steel Research Hub: A research-led centre for innovations in steel making and steel products.

The media release can be found here.