The 5th Baosteel-Australia Joint Research Development Centre (BAJC) Annual Conference was held on the Gold Coast on 20th February, 2017.  BAJC was established in Australia on 8th April 2011 as collaboration between Baosteel, one of the most competitive steel manufacturers in the world, located in Shanghai China, and the University of Queensland, the University of New South Wales, Monash University, and the University of Wollongong.  BAJC is dedicated to providing funding support to research projects, on a competitive basis, to develop innovative technologies of Baosteel’s interest. As a participant of one of the BAJC projects (BA13012), I felt very excited to attend this BAJC Conference with my supervisor Professor Zhengyi Jiang.

I was most impressed with the fantastic invited presentations, launched by the chief investigators from the four universities. Their international views involved the research areas of light metals, process/physical metallurgy and energy materials, which covered the primary products manufactured in Baosteel, showing promising advanced technologies developed in Australia. I was also greatly inspired by their research methods and ideas, which were very helpful to my PhD study. The other participants took turns presenting their research findings regarding the BAJC projects conducted. Researchers and students felt free to share ideas and experience, with heated discussions and even debates on different research issues. In this case, we learned a lot from each other, leaving unforgettable memories in academic exchanges. Moreover, it was an excellent opportunity to practice how to design PPT slides and present well in the public.

At last, I cannot help saying that Gold Coast is such a lovely city in Queensland, I really enjoyed traveling there.