The SMART Infrastructure Facility has announced a 3D virtual model of their research facility utilising sensors to measure the indoor environment through IoT technology.

This product is the result of a collaboration between SMART and two local start-ups, Nube iO and Devika.

Nube iO specialises in smart building technologies and software aimed at monitoring indoor environmental conditions and optimizing energy usage. Their team has installed 120 Nube IO smart sensors, one in each room or laboratory in the SMART Infrastructure Facility, which monitor in real time temperature, humidity, light and motion.

Nube iO General Manager Matthew Cochrane says that these Nube iO smart wireless sensors were developed locally in Wollongong.

“It’s great to be involved in this collaborative IoT project right here in Wollongong. Utilising the Digital Living Lab’s LoRaWAN technology has meant that there are more opportunities for SME’s to be involved in projects like this.”

Another local start up, Devika, who specialise in virtual and augmented reality creations with a special focus on educational applications has also been involved in this project. They have developed a 3D model allowing users to interact and explore the virtual environment and view the results from the smart sensors and their actual data in real time.

Devika’s director Ken Kencevski says that the model allows remote monitoring of buildings and has the potential to dramatically increase productivity.

“This application allows us to visualise spaces in real time, but also to go back in time in order to compare building management options and work out better efficiencies” he said.

“It gives you the information you need to act.

“For instance, you could integrate it with weather apps to ensure that the temperature of the building was comfortable with those inside, while preventing energy waste if the room was unoccupied.”

SMART’s director, Senior Professor Pascal Perez, says that this collaboration is a great example of partnership between local SMEs and UOW.

“SMART, Nube iO and Devika pulled their resources together to share their R&D capabilities and design a cost effective solution that is both sustainable and scalable. The SMART Infrastructure Facility has now become a truly smart building.”

This unique collaboration and its resulting model have allowed each partner to maximise its individual strength while benefiting from a broader range of professional connections.

Senior Professor Perez notes that the sharing of R&D capabilities has also raised new opportunities for further collaboration.

“Our next step is to use this comprehensive set of information to map out indoor environmental and occupancy patterns in order to optimize our energy usage. Later on, we could use the model to directly inform our lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems”.

This latest Digital Living Lab project was launched last week at the KPMG IoT Innovation Expo – Smart Cities and Connected Infrastructure. The invitation-only IoT Innovation Expo, organised by KPMG in Sydney, presented a unique opportunity for the team to connect with industry peers, showcase their integrated solution and identify strategic opportunities to solve critical challenges associated with smart cities.

The technology behind the 3D model will now be made available to a wide range possible clients.