Jacqueline Thim was this year’s final speaker for “The Network”, a new EIS speaker series developed to provide our Dean’s Scholars and Advanced students with regular networking events, hear about some of the research projects in the Faculty and to consider Higher Degree Research (HDR) studies.

Jacqueline, a PhD candidate with the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre (SBRC), is originally from Augsburg, Germany and has a background in the design, planning and building of energy efficient housing. Her current research focuses on architecture technology. Jacqueline’s passion for climate adapted architecture and passive design strategies to facilitate buildings’ interaction with the environment, led her to the “Desert Rose” Solar Decathlon Team UOW and TAFE.

The Desert Rose team has designed and built a fully functional energy efficient NetZero residential home. The house is currently in transit to Dubai where construction will start on October 29 and the Solar Decathlon competition in Dubai will be judged in mid-November. The UOW and TAFE team of around 40 students and staff will compete against 15 other Universities from around the world. Teams will be judged against 10 categories including architecture, energy management and communication.

Jacqueline spoke about the Desert Rose’s construction and presented her research on the hydro-thermal performance of the building. This includes the heat and moisture transfer of the building and its performance and durability under changing climate conditions. She will undertake measurements and tests around the building envelope while in Dubai, and again when the house is back in Australia.

Jacqueline’s research focuses on studying the internal air movement, quality and air exchange rate with the external environment, using blower-door testing equipment as well as tracer gas testing. Her research also involves measuring the different layers of the construction assembly (walls and roof) using temperature, humidity and air-velocity sensors.  These measurements will be used to compare and adjust various computer simulation results.

Jacqueline’s Desert Rose blog can be found here: http://desertrosehouse.com.au/blog/everything-is-possible/