“SWIL and SMART researchers are well placed to engage in fruitful research collaboration with the Canadian institutions”, says the director of Strategic Water Infrastructure Laboratory (SWIL) and the leader of the SMART Water and Bioresource Technologies research group, Associate Professor Faisal I. Hai.

Professor Hai has just returned from an intensive six-day research collaboration trip to two Canadian cities – Toronto and Vancouver.

“I was invited to chair an Environmental Engineering session at the 68th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference which was held in Toronto from October 28 to 31”, Professor Hai said.

“This conference is well attended by North American research groups, and that paved the way for fruitful meetings with representatives from strategically important Canadian and other research groups”.

“It was indeed encouraging to see that the SWIL-SMART initiatives on emerging contaminants mitigation and renewable energy harnessing from waste resonates very well with the research priorities of the top Canadian institutions such as University of Toronto.” he said.

Later that week, Professor Hai delivered an invited seminar jointly organized by highly influential research groups from the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the University of British Columbia (UBC).

“The presentation was very well received by the audience mainly comprising higher degree research students and the faculty members” Professor Hai said.

“I had a series of one-to-one and joint meetings with the research group leaders over the two days of my stay at the picturesque UBC campus.”

“Their research facilities are certainly state of the art. And our SWIL- SMART joint capability is well-equipped to be engaged in collaboration with them” a confident statement from Professor Hai.

“SWIL has been already collaborating with researchers from University of Alberta and this has led to recent joint publications. We foresee some interesting joint ventures with UBC and UofT in the near future.”

The Strategic Water Infrastructure Laboratory (SWIL), situated at the SMART infrastructure Facility, has a large laboratory area, a range of high-calibre laboratory equipment and several on-going national competitive grant- and industry-funded projects. Spearheaded by Professor Hai and his team, Environmental Engineering research at UOW has established an enviable reputation of international standing.