Homes from Waste

The inaugural 2020 Sustainable Homes Challenge is now open for applications.

It is an open call out to talented and curious university students from any discipline, to participate in a five month challenge addressing the complex problem of creating sustainable, healthy and affordable homes.

This year students are asked to design a home using waste-derived material.

While the Sustainable Building Research Centre is driving the operations of the challenge, it was only made possible because the project was the lucky recipient of the McKinnon Walker Trust.

Project Manager and SBRC Associate Research Fellow Leela Kempton is excited to bring students together and and put their unique skills to the test to help solve an important societal problem.

“The challenge will bring together 30 students from around the world to solve the problem of sustainable, affordable, healthy homes,” said Dr Kempton.

“Students will be grouped into diverse teams and work with local and international peers from other disciplines, while also having access to industry leaders, skills development workshops, training and mentoring.”

Cork can help absorb and dissipate sounds to reduce disruptions and improve the acoustics in a room.

“It is an amazing opportunity for students to learn to collaborate and stretch their thinking beyond the classroom to make a real impact as they design a home from waste.”

The challenge is open to any students currently enrolled at university in a coursework-based degree. Applications close December 10.

This project is working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals: