COVID19 has brought an overwhelmingly positive response from our faculty community that makes you proud to be a part of it.

The last 3 weeks have been a big push for the Faculty to get a Student Mentoring program off the ground to help out our first-year students. This transition period has been tough, on all our students, but our first years are the least equipped to deal with this new way of learning.

To help them, the Faculty decided to call on our more experienced students to guide them through this transition in a Student Mentor program. In a week, 50 Student Mentors were recruited across all of our disciplines. Upon hearing how challenging this time would be for students, many students immediately wanted to offer their assistance, advice and guidance to our first years. Our students are all too eager to help.

The program benefits both first-year students and their mentors and creates an opportunity to build a community beyond their usual cohort.

The Student Mentor program will run for the duration of the session and will run again for the Spring Session.