Story by Daniel Maric, as part of our student life series.

My name is Daniel Maric, I was the BJTU Summer School Program Leader of 2019. From the 1st of July to the 14th of July 2019, myself and eleven other University of Wollongong students, along with three other students from international partnering universities, attended Beijing Jiaotong University’s 2019 Summer School. The summer school program brings UOW students together, from first year through to final year, also post graduate students. The program provides a great opportunity for all students to broaden their horizons and learn invaluable skills.

Modules and Lectures

The course combined deep learning technology and JavaScript for online image recognition, which included the following main contents:

  • – Basic concepts, principles and related applications of deep learning
  • – Tensorflow.js and P5.js based visual linear and polynomial regression programming
  • – ML5.js based online image recognition
  • – Real-time image capture and recognition from the connected webcam
  • – Deep transfer learning and the application on training image classifiers with your own data

The curriculum of the Summer School Program also included many lectures based around the above modules, with the lecturer providing real examples related to the content being taught. In addition, our lecturer and his assistant were happy to help when anyone was stuck with their assigned tasks. The combination of practical examples and one-on-one assistance allowed even our first session group members to understand the new concepts and implement them at an impressive rate. The classes were a very valuable and interesting experience. By the end of the Summer School each of our subgroups had coded up a successful image/webcam recognition program based on our choice of project.

Field Trips

Throughout our time in Beijing we were brought to multiple tourist attractions, where we were also taught about the history behind the places we had visited, in addition to learning about the Chinese culture. Also, we were toured through some of China’s leading tech companies and learnt a great deal about industry. Field trips included:

  • – Enterprise visits (Xiaomi, Nox etc.)
  • – Great Wall of China
  • – Temple of Heaven
  • – Qianmen
  • – Lama Temple, Confucius Temple
  • – Summer Palace

The field trips were definitely the highlight of the program. We had the opportunity to attend informative presentations, held by major Chinese tech companies and ask the presenters any burning questions we had for them. Furthermore, we witnessed and learnt of the ancient Chinese palaces, temples and climbed The Great Wall of China. The sights were truly breathtaking, especially for first time abroad travelers. I cannot recommend Beijing enough.


Overall, I felt that our BJTU summer school experience was invaluable and incredibly fun. Everyone involved in the program was very friendly and helpful, our experience in Beijing will be unforgettable. I would like to thank BJTU for making this amazing experience possible, I can definitely recommend this summer school program to the students of UOW.


I would like to personally thank the people who made this amazing international summer experience possible.

Firstly, to the Beijing Jiaotong University School of Software Engineering for hosting the program, and to Ms. Jacqueline (International Affairs of BJTU SSE) for volunteering to organize the BJTU summer school program, she provided great guidance before and during the trip. She truly went above and beyond to make sure our group had the most wonderful experience. Thanks to Prof. HUANG Xiaohui (Chairwoman of School Council), WEI Xiang (IT Summer School course lecturer), YANG Xu (International Affairs of BJTU SSE), and to the Dean of BJTU SSE, Prof. LU Wei. The program provided a nice mixture of both curriculums along with exciting experiences and sights Beijing has to offer.

Secondly, to the University of Wollongong for providing myself and the many great friends I made on the trip, the opportunity to experience Beijing’s culture, fun practical classes, amazing sights and insightful presentations from top tech companies. Thanks to the NCP (New Colombo Plan) for helping fund the trip for the selected students of UOW. Also, a special thanks to Liju Dong of the international office from the EIS at UOW, for all her contributions and support towards the summer school. On behalf of the 2019 BJTU Summer School Group, thanks to everyone involved for a truly unforgettable experience.