CMRP PhD student Sarah Alnaghy from the school of Physics won the Kenneth Clarke journal prize for the best publication in the Australasian Physical Sciences in Medicine (APESM) Journal. This is the most prestigious award that the college presents and it is named after a college founder who was the journal editor in its formative years.

The paper is titled “Initial experiments with gel-water: towards MRI-linac dosimetry and imaging”
Sarah J. Alnaghy, Maegan Gargett, Gary Liney, Marco Petasecca, Jarrad Begg, Anthony Espinoza, Matthew K. Newall, Mitchell Duncan, Lois Holloway, Michael L. F. Lerch, Mircea Lazea, Anatoly B. Rosenfeld, Peter Metcalfe

Represents a report of a world first concept of visualising a dosimeter with an MRI scanner using a novel tissue equivalent substance (gel-water) during linear accelerator radiotherapy.

This work is part of a successful collaborative project between academics at the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, University of Wollongong and researchers at the Ingham Institute at Liverpool where the MRI linac prototype is housed.

Sarah is a fine example of tenacity required to complete a complex and difficult project, and we are very proud of her achievement.