This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series

By Charbel Tawk, PhD student

I attended the 2019 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics in Hong Kong in July with both my primary supervisor Professor Gursel Alici and my colleague Dr Rahim Mutlu.

The main reason for attending such a conference was to present and share our novel soft robotics research findings. As a PhD candidate at the University of Wollongong and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science who is working on developing 3D printable soft actuators and sensors that can be used in diverse soft robotic applications, I had the opportunity to share the soft robotic devices I have developed with an international audience of academics with diverse research backgrounds.

One of the most interesting aspects of attending an international conference is that you get to meet different academics and learn about their interesting research. Another aspect is that you get the chance to travel where you can explore new places and learn about different cultures.

At the end of the conference, we received some very positive feedback about our research work. Many researchers and research groups approached us to establish some potential collaborations. We were really excited about this positive feedback since it shows that our work is both interesting and significant.