This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series

By  Chris Johnathon, PhD student

The AUPEC 2019 conference was an extremely resourceful conference for me as I was able to network with people who are working in the same domain of electricity markets. The keynote sessions provided me with great insights into my domain of research; one of them being totally based on electricity markets. There were other papers presented by different researchers which aided me to develop a profound understanding of power engineering concepts.

The most insightful session was by James Seymour as it highlighted all the current challenges faced by the Australian Electricity Market Operators. This particular session helped me to aim my future research journey towards addressing these challenges. Moreover, James Seymour promised to connect me with research groups from different part of Australia who is working on electricity markets.

Other than electricity market-related sessions there were presentations on microgrids which I found really interesting. Moreover, the keynote speaker Gerard highlighted a very important fact: customers are an untapped resource if incentivised properly they could participate in maintaining the integrity of the grid. I believe these insights will be pivotal to help me frame my research work in addressing the current challenges faced by the National Electricity Market.