An additional $5 million in funding for five new Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

The Federal Government announced a funding boost for the University of Wollongong-led ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Innovation (Steel Research Hub), taking total funding for the hub to $28 million, with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences researchers involved in three of the new hubs.

“To play a role in 60% of the Research Hubs Australia-wide is a remarkable achievement for one faculty and showcases the real-world impact of the excellent research conducted by EIS,” Associate Dean of Research, Senior Professor Roger Lewis,

The Steel Research Hub’s overarching goal is to support the transition of Australia’s steel manufacturing industry to a more sustainable, competitive and resilient position based on the creation of new, higher value-added products and more advanced manufacturing processes.

It expects to train a more skillful and diverse workforce that will be critical in achieving this transformation.

Senior Professor Lewis expressed a “hearty congratulations to hub leader Dr Paul Zulli and the strong team”.

Included in the funding boost was The ARC Research Hub for Transforming Energy Infrastructure Through Digital Engineering, with Chief Investigators Dr Andrew Zammit Mangion, Dr Matthew Moores and Dr David Gunawan, and The ARC Research Hub in New Safe and Reliable Energy Storage and Conversion Technologies, which includes Professor Zaiping Guo and Professor Chris Cook.

“Well done to all of those who took part in preparing the applications, and all the best to the researchers as they undertake this work,” Senior Professor Lewis said.

Read more about the funding here.