The Chapman & Hall/CRC book: “Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R” by Chris Wikle, Andrew Zammit-Mangion, and Noel Cressie is now available. It makes hierarchical spatio-temporal modelling accessible to scientists and engineers solving important practical problems and needing software that is reliable and methodologically rigorous. Hands-on Labs show how one can visualise and model spatio-temporal data, as well as diagnose model predictions.

Wikle, Zammit-Mangion and Cressie (2019) is also available as a free downloadable PDF at The website is meant to serve several purposes: It is a landing page for the book (including an associated R package STRbook); it is a place where new software, data sets, and articles on spatio-temporal statistics can be posted; and it gives publisher details where a hard-cover version can purchased from C&H/CRC Press.