Bilal Arshad has come straight to SMART after completing an undergraduate degree majoring in electrical engineering.

After working for some months as a casual researcher, he is now working full-time with Dr Johan Barthelemy designing smart sensors for the Internet of Things.

He is using his expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning to design sensors employing IoT technology that will classify and identify objects from processed images, and sensors designed for water management systems.

“I love this work, because I get to learn new things that are not specific for just one project,” Bilal said.

“I get experience in different projects and I learn about IoT – and that’s exciting for me.

“I am learning about how you connect sensors with the internet and how you can classify anything you want.

“With enough data, I can predict if a person walking down the street is going to turn left or right. All it takes is the right algorithm.

“If you have enough data, you can predict human behaviours.”

Bilal, who grew up in Pakistan, would like to complete a doctorate using his research at SMART.  He believes that Artificial Intelligence will play a very important role in future technology development with unlimited application in different fields.