Professor Thierry Monteil spoke last week as part of the SMART Seminar Series to discuss the principles and research agenda for Internet of Things interoperability in Australia.

Professor Monteil, form CNRS in France, talked about end-to-end interoperability of the IoT with the oneM2M standard.

That means the ability to work seamlessly together from different types of technologies. Various vertical solutions have been designed independently and separately for different applications, which inevitably impacts or even impedes large-scale deployment.

Following the seminar was an invitation-only, round table workshop involving various stakeholders including Liverpool Council, UNSW, the University of Newcastle Vodafone, Meshed and Digital Living Lab projects such as Binary Beer.

SMART director – and newly appointed Senior Professor – Pascal Perez led the discussion with the aim publishing the findings in a White Paper.

The workshop looked at three related streams– the interoperability of IoT; level of security and intelligent edge computing, large scale deployment and field testbed.

“It’s important to understand the capability of a network,” Professor Pascal said.

“We need to understand how it will react when it is put under strain, but we also need to test which networks will work best for individual projects.

“It was a fascinating afternoon and one that I would like to repeat next year.”