You don’t have to be around SMART for very long to realise the strength of the French connection at the facility.

So it was no surprise when the French Embassy invited SMART’s Benoit Passot to talk at the annual two-day AFRAN (Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation) forum in Canberra, highlighting the research collaboration between Australia and France.

AFRAN is an association set up in 2016 and gathering researchers engaged in research and innovation collaborations between Australian and French institutions. The French Embassy supports the association the view to empower scientists on the ground and encourage them to take action and build the bilateral France-Australia science cooperation agenda further. The Association currently has 300 members.

As part of a segment devoted to Industry 4.0 (Internet of things and Industry for the future), Benoit Passot presented the Digital Living Lab and SMART’s collaboration with French universities.

“SMART would be pleased to support AFRAN on developing collaboration in the Internet of Things sector” Benoit Passot said.