A short video explaining the PetaJakarta.org project, produced with the assistance of funding from the Open Data Institute (ODI), has been launched at SMART Infrastructure Facility.

Led by SMART’s Open Source Geospatial Laboratory, the PetaJakart.org project is an open source flood map for the city of Jakarta, Indonesia, which experiences severe flooding on an annual basis. Utilising CogniCity, PetaJakarta.org has proven the value of crowdsourced social and digital media for emergency response.

“This could be a template for cities around the world, helping them to become more resilient to extreme weather events, so explaining how the system works and why open data is key is really important,” explained Dr Tomas Holderness, Co-Chief Investigator of the PetaJakarta.org project.

“[The award] is great recognition of our research and our innovative use of open data for solving real-world engineering challenges.”

Bambang Surya Putra, Head of Informatics and Controlling Division of BPBD DKI Jakarta, said, “Hopefully with the video explaining the step-by-step of how open data is processed, people in general and government in particular can understand that using open data for public information is not that complicated. This understanding can be a starting point for open data to be widely implemented by local governments across Indonesia.”