Driven by a sense of social responsibility, Corentin Calvet has joined SMART Infrastructure Facility’s team of researchers as he prepares for his fifth and final year of study at French Engineering school, Institut national des sciences appliquées de Toulouse (INSA Toulouse).

Visiting the Facility for three months, Corentin explained he is eager to work alongside people who share his “vision” of working in the field of engineering with a mind to environmental and social impact.

“I’m here to discover what kind of things seem great for me to do,” said Corentin, who will decide on his field of specialty in his fifth year of study. “I know that I want to work with people and institutions that share values with me.”

During his time at SMART, Corentin will work under the supervision of Dr Nam Huynh, Research Fellow, on complex modelling of crowd management in transport systems with direct application on real case studies, and he looks forward to getting a taste of the possibilities of Big Data.

“I know maybe 1% of what [Big Data] can be used for,” he commented. “It is expanding in an exponential way.”

Corentin’s visit comes after SMART hosted another INSA Toulouse student last year, Simon Belieres, for a similar internship, as Professor Pascal Perez, Director, SMART Infrastructure Facility explained.

“Corentin is the second student from INSA-Toulouse deciding to visit SMART for his three-month internship,” Professor Perez said.

“INSA is a National Institute of Applied Science in France with a very strong track record in optimisation and operation research.

“Their students are high in demand and it is great to see SMART becoming a trusted scientific partner.”