A new standard

A smart city is a resilient city, able to handle all the challenges of a changing world while keeping essential functions running, according to Standards Australia – the nation’s leading independent standards organisation.

SMART Infrastructure Facility Director, Senior Professor Pascal Perez, will join Standards Australia‘s Technical Committee IT-268, to make cities more resilient by anticipating “the current and future needs of urban areas around the world“.

Professor Perez’s nomination was made by the industry peak body Internet of Things Alliance Australia (IOTAA).

Senior Professor Pascal Perez

IOTAA’s Meredith Hodgman said Professor Perez was chosen as he is a “national thought leader in the smart cities ecosystem and a specialist of Integrative Social Simulation and Multi-Agent Systems technologies for infrastructure”.

Professor Perez looks forward to creating stronger standards, so that “smart cities can enjoy better interoperability and greater economic efficiency”.

“Robust standards also help protecting and supporting our local communities,” he said.

Chair of the Technical Committee IT-268 (standards for sustainable cities and communities) Dr Bernard Gindroz said the challenges facing cities around the world are extremely complex and often very specific.

“Each city is unique and we need to consider the local and cultural context for it to retain its character. That said, the feedback we’ve received has been consistent – all cities want an overarching framework that they can use,” he said.

“This has been achieved through international consensus on what best practice means and how to apply it.”