This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series
My trip to Korea for the conference “15th International Conference on Electrorheological Fluids and Magnetorheological Suspensions (ERMR 2016)” is indeed a valuable experience. The conference covers science and technologies relevant to electro-responsive and magneto-responsive materials. One of the major aspects of conference, magnetorheological materials and their applications, actually is my research topic. The conference provided a good atmosphere for all attendees to exchange ideas and discuss their works.


Many attendees from our group presented interesting work, especially my supervisor, Prof. Weihua Li, delivered a plenary lecture to introduce our recent research in MR applications, which has achieved overwhelming responses. Among all the sessions, the session “Engineering Applications of MR Materials” is the most informative one for me because my research topic mainly focuses on this area. Many other researchers from all over the world presented their latest research outcomes. For example, Prof. S. B. Choi’s group presented many MR material based haptic devices for telesurgery. Their research actually provided us very useful information to start this research area.

Another very exciting presentation was given by Prof. Norman M. WERELEY. He presented the possible application of the rotary MR damper on vehicle suspension. The interesting thing is our group just finished the similar research. But still I learn some other information from his presentation and feel much more confident on the value of the rotary MR damper research. In summary, I gained many valuable information from the conference, met many researcher in our research area, which make the trip very worthwhile.