In the quest of trying and develop new multimodal approaches to cure aggressive cancer tumours, the original work of Marjorie McDonald and collaborators from CMRP has just been published in Scientific reports, a high impact (IF=4.2) online Journal from the Nature journal group, ranking 5th/116 in multidisciplinary sciences after Nature, Science, PNAS and National Science.

The study entitled “First in vitro evidence of modulated electro-hyperthermia treatment performance in combination with megavoltage radiation by clonogenic assay” describes the effect of electro-hyperthermia in association with X-ray radiation from a linear accelerator on 9L, a rat brain gliosarcoma cell line known for its radio resistance. The combined treatment shows some promising enhanced effects, intrinsically due to changes in the cell growth rate.

Marjorie, who is currently finishing her PhD within the CMRP Targeteted Nanotherapy Theme secured a highly competitive Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Registrar position at Westmead Hospital.

Last year, she won the best presentation prize on the same topic in the postgraduate research student category during MedPhys17, the annual Student Research Symposium of the NSW/ACT Branch of the Australian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine.