Sustainable Building Research Centre (SBRC) featured on WIN Illawarra local News

Anchor: Construction of a new multimillion dollar sustainable research centre at the innovation campus is expected to take the university of Wollongong to the next level.

The centre is self-sufficient and incorporates a world leading building in its design

Natasha Apolloni (Reporter): Its believed to be Australia’s most sustainable education facility. This living building is the latest addition to the University of Wollongong

Professor Paul Cooper (Director, Sustainable Building Research Centre): The idea of net zero energy is that a building produces more energy using renewable sources onsite then it absorbs from the grid.

Natasha Apolloni: Adjacent to the science centre is a 21 million dollar Sustainable Building Research Centre. The two-story tower has been constructed using reused and locally sourced materials hoping to gain a 6 star green design rating. It’s self-sufficient including solar panels, natural waste water system an integrated green IT system and permaculture gardens. Inside students research and develop ways to make existing and future Australian buildings more environmentally friendly.

Professor Paul Cooper (Director, Sustainable Building Research Centre): In this building we’ve actually taken it a lot further so were using an extremely energy efficient heating and ventilation system. So were actually using ground source heat pumps.

Natasha Apolloni: It’s also home to the award winning Solar Decathlon building the net zero energy house will form part of a sustainable precinct. People will occupy 4 retro fitted homes transforming them into living laboratories

Massimo Florentini (PhD Student): Most of these systems are new and innovative. So we need to test their affect to see if they’re effective in the long term scenario.

Natasha Apolloni:  The house will be rebuilt and operational by the start of next year.