In this big data era, an enormous amount of personal and company information can be easily collected by third parties. Protecting data privacy while sharing the statistical information in the data to the public forms a significant research area in the recent decade and is a major research direction in NIASRA. Many different techniques have been developed in this research area. The research carried out in NIASRA focuses on developing methods related to microdata and big data masking, data statistical information recovery, and tabular data protection. Our research has attracted the attention of people in the area.

After several research papers accepted by international Journals and international conferences recently, we have four research papers accepted by the major conference “Privacy in Statistical Databases 2018″ (PSD2018):

  • Reviewing Methods for Estimating Density Function Based Masked Data. Yan-Xia Lin and Pavel N. Krivitsky
  • Protecting Values Close to Zero under the Multiplicative Noise Method. Yan-Xia Lin
  • Efficiency and Sample Size Determination of Protected Data. Bradley Wakefield and Yan-Xia Lin
  • Quantifying the protection level of a noise candidate for noise multiplication masking scheme. Yue Ma, Yan-Xia Lin, Pavel Krivitsky and Bradley Wakefield

These papers will appear in the proceedings published by Springer-Verlag in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

A/Prof Yan-Xia Lin and her Ph.D. student Bradley Wakefield will present the papers in PSD2018 in September. The focus of the conference “Privacy in Statistical Databases” is on the research of data privacy and all the participants are expertise on data privacy and working on the frontier of the research. Attending such level of conference is an excellent opportunity for us to gain new research insights and to share our research ideas with the colleague from universities, institutions, and government agencies around the world.

PSD 2018 is a successor to PSD 2016 (Dubrovnik, Sep. 14-16, 2016), PSD 2014 (Eivissa, Sep. 17-19, 2014), PSD 2012 (Palermo, Sep. 26-28, 2012), PSD 2010 (Corfu, Sep. 22-24, 2010), PSD 2008 (Istanbul, Sep. 24-26, 2008), PSD 2006 (Rome, Dec. 13-15, 2006) and PSD 2004 (Barcelona, June 9-11, 2004), all with proceedings published by Springer in LNCS 9867, LNCS 8744, LNCS 7556, LNCS 6344, LNCS 5262, LNCS 4302 and LNCS 3050, respectively. These previous PSD conferences follow a tradition of high-quality technical conferences on SDC which started with “Statistical Data Protection-SDP’98”, held in Lisbon in 1998 and with proceedings published by OPOCE, and continued with the AMRADS project Statistical Disclosure Control Workshop, held in Luxemburg in 2001 and with proceedings published in Springer LNCS 2316.