The University of Wollongong community has recognised the contributions made to SMART Infrastructure Facility by rail industry expert Mr Andrew McCusker in a recent celebration hosted at the research facility.

Following over 5 years of service to SMART as Director, Rail Logistics, Mr McCusker has now transitioned to the role of Honorary Principal Fellow. This new position will see him focussing more closely on SMART’s teaching and development program, and continuing his work on the facility’s Enhancing corporate capability and service delivery through advanced geosocial intelligence project.

Mr McCusker’s role as Director of the Rail Logistics Laboratory has seen him participate in a number of SMART’s rail-related projects. His expertise in this area is informed by a long career in the rail industry during which time he has been involved with a number of leading transport organisations internationally, including: Transport for NSW, MTR Hong Kong, Octopus Cards Limited, Metro Trains Melbourne, Transport Queensland and COMET group of metros. A testament to his intrinsic knowledge of transport systems, Mr McCusker has acted as a consultant for a number high-level government and industry officials, and participates on a number of transport system advisory board worldwide.

Highlighting the positive outcomes Mr McCusker has assisted SMART in achieving during his time as Director, Rail Logistics, Professor Pascal Perez said, “Andrew has brought to SMART priceless connections with the rail industry around the World and a unique expertise on mass transit operations built upon a 25-experience as senior executive with MTR Hong Kong.”

He continued, “His mentoring of SMART’s academics and advising of its Director has had profound impact on our international reputation.”