Dr Nagesh Shukla shared his research into New South Wales’ radiotherapy services on the world stage, when he travelled to the Euro Mini Conference early in 2015.

Hosted at the UNESCO World Heritage SiteUniversity of Coimbra over 30th March to 1st April, the conference focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to meeting internationally pervasive healthcare challenges.

At the conference, Dr Shukla presented his paper, Population Accessibility to Radiotherapy Services in New South Wales Region of Australia: a methodological contribution. According to the abstract, this paper, “proposes an integrated modelling process to assess the population accessibility to radiotherapy treatment services in future based on future cancer incidence and road network-based accessibility.”

The paper examines the current location of radiotherapy treatment services, and the accessibility of such, through NSW. It projects the growth in demand for such services by 2026, and models the demand this will place on particular areas of the state.

Dr Shukla presented this research on the second day of the conference, as part of the “Health Logistics and Scheduling” section.

View the presentation via Slideshare.