The Royal Society of NSW has welcomed SMART’s Director to its folds, with Professor Pascal Perez joining the oldest learned society in the southern hemisphere as a Fellow.

The stated purpose of the society is to advance knowledge through “…the encouragement of studies and investigations in science, art, literature and philosophy.”

Originating from the Philosophical Society of Australasia, established in the early 1800s, the society performs its purpose via a variety functions, including the publication of its journal and proceedings; awarding prizes and medals for outstanding achievements in research; liaising with similar bodies; hosting meetings for the benefit of members and the general public; maintaining a library.

As a fellow of The Royal Society of NSW, Professor Perez is recognised as a leader in his field, and will have the opportunity to meet and work alongside contemporaries in his field.

“I’m honoured to have been selected by my peers and intend to serve the Royal Society in order to support the development of science,” Professor Perez said of the appointment.