EIS Physics Team led by Professor Alexey V Pan (Physics/ISEM) in collaboration with ANSTO Team led by Professor Frank Klose (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) has won an ANSTO Neutron Grant to carry out interdisciplinary research aiming at tailoring magnetic interactions at the interfaces between superconducting and magnetic nano-layers.

Understanding these interactions and ability to manipulate them at the nano-scale level have the potential to enable novel functionalities with immense enhancement of computational density and power efficiency. This work will be performed at two world-class research facilities at ISEM/AIIM and ANSTO in collaboration with the University of Melbourne.

This grant also forms the core of the Honours thesis research work for Bachelor of Science (Physics Advance) Honours student Oliver Paull, 21, who is the key co-proposer of this grant.

Details of the grant: ANSTO Bragg Institute Neutron Beam Instrument Proposal Award ($70k).

Title: Tailoring magnetic interactions at the interfaces between superconducting YBCO and magnetic LCMO thin films by non-magnetic interlayers.
Investigators: A. V. Pan, O. Paull, G. Causer, S. Fedoseev, F. Klose, S. Rubanov.