On 8-13 July in Paris, France, MinesParis Tech, University of Tours and University of Lille were hosting one of the most prestigious material science conference in the world – Thermec 2018. The conference took place in a recently built Cité des sciences et de l’industrie (Science and Industry Centre) comprising numerous meeting halls, museums and child study areas. The conference gathered 1470 presenting authors, including 69 keynote speakers and 273 students, from all the continents. 26 parallel sessions were running on the following topics: Advanced Steels and TMP of microalloyed steels, Al-Mg-Ti alloys, High temperature materials and refractory metals, Nanostructured Biomaterials, Medical devices, Metallic glasses, Welding and joining, Additive manufacturing, Neutron scattering, X-Ray studies, texture and others.

The Steel Research Hub was represented by Dr. Andrii Kostryzhev, Mr. Navjeet Singh and Prof. Elena Pereloma. Their presentation and poster on B1.2 Project “Development of a very high strength steel strip product” reported recent results on chemistry and process development for manufacturing of 700 MPa ferritic-bainitic steels microalloyed with Cr, Mo, Nb and V. PhD Student Navjeet Singh also presented a poster titled “Effect of Chemistry and Thermo-mechanical Processing on Microstructure and Hardness of Micro-alloyed Steeels.” These achievements attracted broad attention of the international steel community and a vivid discussion on strengthening mechanisms operating in the studied steels took place.

Dr Andrii Kostryzhev at Thermec

Dr Andrii Kostryzhev and PhD Navjeet Singh at Thermec