Macquarie University, through its Department of Mathematics and Statistics, has a Medal and a Lecture series in honour of Professor Joe Moyal. The Moyal Lecture is given annually at the university by a scientist who, before the lecture, receives a Moyal Medal for their distinguished contributions to research in at least one of Mathematics, Physics, or Statistics.

Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie has been chosen by a committee, with representatives from each of these disciplines, to be the Moyal Medallist and Lecturer for 2018. This is in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Statistics, especially in statistics for spatial data and in environmental statistics.

The previous Medallist were Professors Joe Gani (Statistics, 2000), Gerard Milburn (Physics, 2001), Alan MacIntosh (Mathematics, 2002), Terry Speed (Statistics, 2003), Denis Evans (Physics, 2004), Bob Anderssen (Mathematics, 2005), Eugene Seneta (Statistics, 2006), Peter Drummond (Physics, 2007), Alan Carey (Mathematics, 2008), Peter Hall (Statistics, 2009), William Phillips (Physics, 2010), Cheryl Praeger (Mathematics, 2011), Annette Dobson (Statistics, 2012), Don Melrose (Physics, 2013), Richard Brent (Mathematics, 2014), David Balding (Statistics, 2015), Michael Berry (Physics, 2016) and Hinke Osinga (Mathematics, 2017).

Professor Moyal was one of Australia’s most versatile mathematical scientists, having made significant contributions to each of the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics. He was Professor of Mathematics at Macquarie University from 1973 to 1978, where his encouragement, support, and example stimulated research in and increased contacts between the three disciplines. The Moyal Medal and Lecture aims to highlight and stimulate further the interactions between the disciplines as a response to and an acknowledgement of their interdependence.