Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie has recently been awarded the Pitman Medal from the Statistical Society of Australia.The Pitman Medal, which is awarded annually, recognises outstanding achievements and contributions to the field of statistics.

Professor Cressie, Director of the Centre for Environmental Informatics in the National Institute for Applied Statistics Research Australia (NIASRA), has developed innovative methods in statistical methodology and applied statistics and used these methods to solve important scientific problems. His work has had a substantial impact on a wide range of disciplines and applications, especially in the environmental sciences.

Professor Cressie is currently involved in a number of research projects, including NASA’s OCO-2 mission, analysing the precision and accuracy of column-integrated atmospheric CO2; the development of spatiotemporal models for producing small area estimates with the US National Science Foundation Census Research Network; and studies of the biogeochemical cycles in oceans and the dynamical sequestration of carbon in soil with CSIRO.

Professor Cressie and co-author, Christopher K. Wikle (University of Missouri), were also recently awarded the international DeGroot Prize for their 2011 book, “Statistics for Spatio-Temporal Data,” published by John Wiley and Sons. This prestigious prize, awarded every two years to honour an outstanding statistical science book, is chosen based on the book’s novelty, thoroughness, timeliness, and intellectual scope. Jay Kadane, chair of the Prize Committee, said “This book adroitly uses Bayesian hierarchical modelling to solve a series of difficult problems of inference that intimately involve both space and time. Nearly every important problem concerning the climate and the environment involve both. This book will be an essential aid for many researchers.”

Professor Cressie’s other honours include being awarded the Distinguished Achievement Medal of the American Statistical Association’s Section on Statistics and the Environment; the Twentieth Century Distinguished Service Award in Environmental Statistics; the Distinguished Scholar Award of The Ohio State University; and the 2009 Fisher Award and Lectureship from the Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies. He is also on the Institute for Scientific Information’s (ISI) elite list of highly-cited researchers.