Distinguished Professor Noel Cressie was awarded the 2018 Moyal Medal and gave his Lecture on Thursday November 1, 2018 at Macquarie University. The Medal and Lecture is in honour of Professor Joe Moyal and is awarded annually by Macquarie University to a scientist for their distinguished research contributions in at least one of Mathematics, Physics, or Statistics. Noel Cressie was chosen by a committee with representatives from each of these disciplines, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to Statistics, especially in Statistics for Spatial Data and Environmental Statistics.

Professor Moyal was Professor of Mathematics at Macquarie University from 1973 to 1978 and made significant contributions to each of the disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics. The Moyal Medal and Lecture aims to highlight and stimulate further the interactions between these disciplines.

Dist./Prof Noel Cressie receives 2018 Moyal Medal

The 2018 Moyal Medal