NISARA staff members made a significant contribution to the scientific programme at the Australian Statistical Conference organised by the Statistical Society of Australia in Canberra during 5 to 9 December 2016.

Speakers and their topics are listed below:

Sandy Burden
Exceedance set prediction for spatial environmental processes

Robert Clark
Generalized linear models under response dependent sampling (invited paper)

Noel Cressie
A conditional approach to multivariate spatial modelling (invited paper)

Helani Kottage
Multiple imputation for missing categorical variables in multilevel data: a comparison study of multiple imputation methods and software packages

Yan-Xia Lin
Statistical information recovery from noise-multiplied data, a computational approach

Mossamet Nesa
Small area estimates for cross-classified health indicators in New Zealand: an application of multinomial logit mixed model

Thomas Suesse
Maximum likelihood estimation of spatial autoregressive models with measurement errors for large data sets

Andrew Zammit Mangion
Spatial modelling and prediction with big data using two-scale Gaussian Markov random fields

Bohai Zhang
An errors-in-variables model for calibration/validation of remote sensing data