On Monday the 15th of May, a select group of 33 students from The Illawarra Grammar School visited some of the research labs of the School of Physics, at the University of Wollongong. The students learnt about the development of cutting-edge silicon detectors to improve cancer treatment by means of radiotherapy in the research labs of the Centre For Medical Radiation Physics. They also learnt about TeraHertz electromagnetic radiation and its applications in imaging, security and spectroscopy. Last but not least, they enjoyed the School of Physics famous liquid nitrogen ice cream and challenged their creativity through building the most effective parachute.

The event was organised by Susanna Guatelli, School of Physics, in collaboration with TIGS teachers Margaret Dubowski and John Gollan. Dean Cutajar, Lorna Jarret, Duncan Fisher and PhD students Jarrod Colla, Andrew Squires, Tayla Brennen, Elette Engels and Aaron Merchant, all from the School of Physics, contributed to making the event a success.  

It is extremely important to organise school visits in our research labs to show how research happens and its impact on society. I hope that this visit is a source of inspiration for a career in ScienceSusanna Guatelli

From the perspective of an educator working in the field of Gifted Education, Margaret Dubowski commented that “the value of engaging with the world beyond the classroom lies in helping students to visualise possibilities for their future learning and contributions. It enables them to see the relevance and importance of such skills as teamwork when solving problems that face our world today