SMART Infrastructure Facility Advisory Council Chairman Dr Ken Henry has been appointed to the board of the Australian Securities Exchange operator ASX Ltd.

Dr Henry is a former Secretary of the Commonwealth Treasury and is advising the government on the Asian Century. He oversaw the recent Asian Century White Paper.

ASX Chairman Rick Holliday-Smith welcomed Ken Henry to the ASX,  saying: “Ken’s reputation and experience as an economist in Australia and overseas, and as a senior bureaucrat who has worked with successive Australian governments, will bring fresh perspectives and strengthen the expertise of the ASX Board.

In addition to chairing the SMART Infrastructure Facility Advisory Council, Dr Henry is a Director of National Australia Bank and Chairman of the Institute of Public Policy at the Australian National University.

Upon joining SMART in 2011, Dr Henry said “our ability to be economically productive and competitive in the future depends heavily on having infrastructure systems that are well managed and can support industrial and societal evolution and innovation.”

In taking on this role, Dr Henry continues to Chair the SMART Advisory Council.