An exciting new era has begun at SMART with the employment this month of Dr. Bobby Du as the facility’s first ever course coordinator.

The role to develop teaching at the facility – that’s what the final ‘T’ stands for in SMART after all – is the initiative of Senior Professor Pascal Perez.

“Bobby’s appointment is an important milestone for SMART. He is our first formal Lecturer and inaugural Course Coordinator. This is a strong message we send to our partners and clients: SMART is ready to share its experience with cutting edge scientific and industry-related innovations. Bobby is bringing his unique experience of a highly competitive higher education sector in Singapore”

Dr. Du comes to Wollongong from Singapore where he completed a doctorate in transportation engineering at the Nanyang Technological University, later working as a research fellow.

“I am quite interested in the projects being undertaken at SMART and expect to be able to make a contribution,” Dr. Du said.

“It is exciting to be in a country as beautiful as Australia and with one of the most beautiful universities in Australia.”

Dr. Du will develop and coordinate teaching programs with academics within SMART, across UOW’s faculties, and beyond.


“The mission of SMART is not only being recognised as an international leader to deliver cutting-edge solutions for more liveable cities and productive infrastructure, but also sharing our expertise and educating the next generation of infrastructure leaders, engineers, practitioners and students to foster innovation and progress.” Dr Bobby Du


Initially, SMART aims to develop short courses and seminars but in the longer term, he would like to develop fully-fledged courses for post-graduate and even undergraduate students.

“The academics in SMART have a diversity of expertise, and I would like to coordinate those in courses where they can complement each other,” he said.

“I also look forward to combining theoretical studies with the practical projects in SMART and incorporating into the teaching program in the future.”

So Dr. Du is spending his days making contacts with SMART and across the university to design a teaching program that will rival the excellence of the facility’s existing research program.