In November 2017 ten UOW Mechatronics Engineering undergraduates received an Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Grant to visit China. Throughout the entire two weeks stay the UOW team was exposed to many technical, cultural and educational experiences.

During our stay we engaged with other students from China studying mechatronics to discuss the similarities and differences that both parties experience. Our hosts give us an insight to their way of living and studying.

Many of these students will be joining us in 2018 at UOW and we will have the honour of chaperoning them around our beautiful home town.

The differences between China and Australia are vast and many. China has a rich and extensive history. They have large scale manufacturing and an abundance of robotics and automation. They are currently undergoing an impressive economic boom and investing heavily in future progression.

Our group was fortunate to experience all of this and more in a short‐condensed study tour spanning across the three cities of Beijing, Hefei and Shanghai. We are very grateful to all the wonderful students and professor from  our partner Universities; BJTU, USTC and the University of Shanghai, who let us into their world and really look forward to returning the favour in 2018.

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