The SBRC team under the guidance of Dr Duane Robinson, Dr Zhenjun Ma and Professor Paul Cooper has helped a consortium of Australia’s leading universities and industry partners to launch newly developed teaching and learning tools aimed to increase the level of energy efficiency awareness in engineering degrees. Led by the Queensland University of Technology, the consortium engaged heavily with industry and government bodies to ensure the teaching and learning tools were suitable to up-skill the next generation of engineers.

The resources are now freely available to engineering educators, ready to splice into existing lecture material and include: multi-media video and flat-pack modules, deep dive case studies, and a virtual reality experience. Each of the teaching and learning tools have companion and supporting documents to assist both educators and students in implementing and understanding the tools. The SBRC development team included: Rui Yan, Herath Jayawardana, Wenye Li and Xiang Deng.

Project partners included: QUT; University of Adelaide; University of Wollongong; Victoria University; Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with industry support from: Engineers Australia; Australasian Association of Engineering Education; Australian Council of Engineering Deans; Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council; Australian Power Institute; Mining Education Australia; and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

The project was funded by the Australian Government.

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