Professor Brian Cullis and his team in the Centre for Bioinformatics and Biometrics (CBB) have developed and been awarded two very large and significant R&D projects from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) totalling $7,300,000 to UOW. These research projects are National Competitive Grants and, in an environment when NCG funding is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, they demonstrate the excellence, relevance and impact of the research in CBB.

The first project for $5.7M Bioinformatics and Biometrics for the Australian Grains Industry will run over 5 years and will deal with planning, design, execution, analysis, interpretation and reporting related to improving and quantifying factors such as yield and quality of grains in an increasingly water limited environment. The second project for $1.6M over 3 years is to develop a new statistical software system called EssCargoT to be used nationally by GRDC.

GRDC is responsible for the quality and supply of grains throughout Australia and for export and Brian and his team’s work will contribute mightily to the productivity of this industry which is a large part of Australia’s economy, not to mention vital to the world’s food supply.