This is a guest post and part of our ongoing Student Life series
This four-week trip to Europe consisted of three conferences: The International Conference on Establishment Surveys (ICES) in Geneva; the International Conference on Robust Statistics (ICORS), also in Geneva; and a one day workshop on Recent Advances in Quantile and M-quantile Regression in Pisa, Italy.

After a couple of days settling into picturesque Geneva, ICES began where I would speak in an invited session about new directions in robust methods for establishment surveys. This conference, especially this particular session, was interesting as it introduced many applications to statistical models which contrasts with my more theoretical research. Hence it was very useful in bridging this gap between the theory and practice of my field.

Some of the most reputable robust statisticians attended

I was to return to Geneva a week later for ICORS following a brief recreational cycle tour of the French Alps. It was especially important I attend this conference as this field of statistics is more specific to my own research and furthermore this conference will be held at UoW next year. Some of the most reputable robust statisticians attended so it was great to put faces to the many names of people whose work I have read in journals and textbooks.

Finally, the short but dense workshop in Pisa was filled with very relevant and fascinating topics which provided a deep insight into the future progression of my research area of M-quantile regression modelling.

All three conferences provided immense benefits in understanding new ideas, broadcasting my own research ideas and networking with fellow researchers. The experience helped me locate my work on the academic map which has already been very helpful in my developments. I am extremely grateful to NIASRA and EIS for making it all possible.