A logistics engineering post-doctoral researcher from Chongqing University, China, has recently joined the academic team at SMART Infrastructure Facility.

Inspired by the work of SMART Director, Professor Pascal Perez, Dr Lipeng Feng will be spending a year at the Facility working under Prof. Perez’s guidance.

During her time here, Dr Feng hopes to focus on the big data analytics in logistics and supply chain, and will be collaborating with other members of the research team on a number of projects.

Her first time to Australia, Dr Feng said she wants “to learn more about the technologies involved in big data, and about the railway logistics systems in Australia,” enabling her to compare this data with similar research in China.

“I will be working on one specific research paper while I’m here,” explained Dr Feng. “If possible, I would like to publish it while I’m in Australia.

Graduating with her Doctorate in Logistical Engineering from Southwest Jiao Tong University, this is Dr Feng’s second overseas study encounter, having previously visited the Northwestern Polytechnic University in California, United States.

Dr Feng will be visiting SMART for twelve months.