Distinguished Professor Anatoly Rozenfeld is pleased to present the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics mid-year report, highlighting their success in publications, initiatives and grants.

It is a great pleasure to summarise what CMRP has achieved for the first half-year of 2020, in spite of difficulties associated with COVID 19.

It is amazing how dedicated all streams of CMRP have been to research and HDR student mentoring.  Our progress in research, PhD completions, grant preparation and collaboration with industry has not stopped.

This is reflected in the outstanding number of publications published; with more than 30 majority of top-ranked journals including two invited Topical Reviews in PMB and seminal contribution to Medical Physics journal on Geant4.  Thirteen submitted applications for competitive national and international grants, four ANSTO HDR student awards, International Award to PhD female student, and continuing strong collaborations with international health industry.

We were able to complete ten PhDs with four of them highly commended by examiners. Special thanks to CMRP postdoctoral researchers who have demonstrated outstanding performances, were able to prepare high-quality applications for Fellowships, IDEAS grants, space research grants, and awarded contracts from industry.

CMRP is active in commercialisation and continues clinical trials at St George CCC on advanced HDR brachytherapy treatment of prostate cancer utilising in vivo MOSkin dosimetry.

A highlight was the MMND ITRO 2020 international conference with more than 150 participants from many different countries around the world and the visit of AAPM CAMPEP team for the accreditation of our Medical Physics program.

We look forward to continuing CMRP’s outstanding performances in 2020 and beyond. 


Anatoly Rosenfeld, Saree Alnaghy, Marco Petasecca, Michael Lerch, Stanislav Pospisil, Valentina Giacometti, Reinhard Schulte, Valeria Rosso, Matthias Wurl, Carlos Granja, Mária Martišíková, Katia Parodi “Medipix detectors in radiation therapy for advanced quality-assurance”, Rad. Meas., Volume 130, January 2020, 106211, doi.org/10.1016/j.radmeas.2019.106211 (Invited Review)

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Levi Madden; Alexandre Santos; Enbang Li; Raghu Gowda; Eva Bezak; Shahraam Afshar; Anatoly Rosenfeld “Temporal modelling of Beryllium Oxide Ceramics’ rtOSL for dosimetry with a superficial 140 kVp X-ray beam” , Physics Medica, 2020 (conditionally accepted)

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Duncan, M., Donzelli, M., Pellicioli, P., Brauer-Krisch, E., Davis, J.A., Lerch, M.L.F., Rosenfeld, A.B., Petasecca, M. “First experimental measurement of the effect of cardio-synchronous brain motion on the dose distribution during microbeam radiation therapy” 2020 Medical Physics, Vol 47(1), pp.213-222, DOI:10.1002/mp.13899

Aswin Hoffmann, Bradley Oborn, Maryam Moteabbed, Susu Yan, Thomas Bortfeld, Antje Knopf, Herman Fuchs, Dietmar Georg, Joao Seco, Maria Francesca Spadea, Oliver Jakel, Christopher Kurz, and Katia Parodi. “MR-guided proton therapy: a review and a preview”. Radiation Oncology, 15(1):129, 2020.


Grant Name



NHMRC Investigator Grant




Cancer Australia PdCCRS


Cancer Council Project Grant




Cancer Institute NSW Early Career Fellowship


Australian Society of Aerospace Medicine, Space Travel grant on radiation shielding


Australian Space Agency


Joint International Grant : SA KAIMC-CMRP


Joint International Grant: IEAP Prague, SINTEF Norway & CMRP



CMRP has been successful in attracting funding from collaborators


  • AP12632: Innovative microdosimeter system for radon dosimetry in Jenolan Cave, $69,000
  • AP12615: Characterisation of ultra-thin silicon and SiC microdosimeters for radiation therapy application, $90,000
  • AP12134: Effect of the irradiation on the electroactive properties of PLA

100% Success with AINSE Scholarship https://news.eis.uow.edu.au/cmrp-continues-impressive-success-rate-with-ainse-scholarships-applications/ 

Phelps Continuing Education Award, Nuclear Space Radiation Effect Conference (IEEE NSREC) to PhD student Stefania Peracchi for research on microdosimetry studies or radiation shielding for space radiation 

Accreditation of Medical Radiation Medical Physics Program by American Association Physicists in Medicine (AAPM). Only one of three accredited medical physics programs outside of North America https://www.campep.org/campeplstgrad.asp



MMND ITRO 2020 https://cmrp.events/, more than 150 participants

Proceedings of MMND ITRO 2020 are ready, to be published by IOP:  39 papers

Completed PhD Theses


Thesis Title

Sultan Fahad Alhujaili

Dosimetry and characterization of solid state detectors for medical dosimetry in IMRT and SRS

Mohammed Al Towairqi

Development of fiber-optic dosimetry system as a quality assurance tool for HDR Brachytherapy

James Archer

High spatial resolution fibre-optic dosimetry

Matthew Cameron

Microbeam Radiation Therapy: Development of Instrumentation and Software Tools for Quality Assurance

Andrew Chacon

Dose Quantification and Enhancements for Particle Therapy

Emily Debrot

Applications of silicon dosimeters and Monte Carlo simulations for physical and biological dose quality assurance in particle therapy

Mitchell Duncan

Dosimetry of Movable Targets in SRS

Joel Poder

Development of a system for comprehensive in-vivo validation of transrectal ultrasound based high dose rate prostate brachytherapy treatments.

Natalia Roberts

Dosimetry and 4D Modelling for Advanced Radiotherapy Treatments: Towards MRI-Guided Lung SBRT

Nathan Thorpe

Kilovolt Range Characterisation and Diagnostic Applications of the MOSkin Dosimeter